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Gnu mtrace

When the mtrace function is called it looks for an environment variable named MALLOC_TRACE. This variable is supposed to contain a valid file name. The program is called mtrace (it is in fact a Perl script) and it takes one or two arguments. In any case the name of the file with the trace output must be specified. Even though the tracing functionality does not influence the runtime behavior of the program it is not a good idea to call mtrace in all programs. Just imagine that .

mtrace is the memory debugger included in the GNU C Library. Contents. 1 Use; 2 Usage example. Bad Source Code; MTrace Usage; MTrace Output. The mtrace() function installs hook functions for the memory- allocation The GNU C library provides a Perl script, mtrace(1), that interprets the trace log and. mtrace is a Perl script used to interpret and provide human readable output of the trace instructions, please see: ⟨⟩.

Contributed by Ulrich Drepper>, # Based on the mtrace .awk script. # The GNU C Library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or. The tracing output produced after a call to mtrace() is textual, but not designed to be human readable. The GNU C library provides a Perl script, mtrace(1), that. mtrace is a nice GNU extension which is used to diagnose dynamic memory allocation in C/C++ programs. It can also be used for finding. mtrace: quickly check memory leaks. gnu mtrace provides a quick way to check memory leaks with the malloc() family of functions like malloc().