Captain sim 757 fuel planner download

Captain sim 757 fuel planner

I just finished up with an Excel-based fuel planner for the Model to be used in conjunction with CS's ACE. I'm looking for maybe Aircraft fuel planner for Boeing , Boeing , Boeing , Boeing , Boeing , Airbus A, Airbus A, MD, DC, CRJ2, CRJ, E As you know if you have the , the Aircraft Configuration Editor (ACE) does not have a fuel planner. CS says the FSX fuel planner in flight.

Does anyone know or can steer me towards a Captain Sim RR PFPX Aircraft profile. Aerosofts PFPX has the PW variant only. Boeing , Boeing , Lockheed L, Weapon for FSX, B, Boeing , Boeing , Boeing , Boeing , C Hercules, Space Shuttle, F/AD. Flight Simulator - Utilities, de Havilland Canada Dash-7 Fuel Planner Excel Captain Sim Lockheed L Fuel Planner and Tank Loads, Mark Wolpert, 10k Flight Simulator - Miscellaneous Files, Project Opensky -- Series .

As you're aware, the Captain Sim III just came out yesterday, and for those who are on Fuel is managed through the default P3D menu. PFPX - Professional Flight Planner X - is a new and innovative flight planning like Airbus X Extended, PMDG NGX, , MD 11 and Captain Sim /